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Interview: Constanza Macras

The Buenos Aires-born choreographer Constanza Macras can‘t believe that it’s been nearly 15 years since she came to Berlin – “Potsdamer Platz didn’t even exist, there were only cranes!” Her rise to international fame has somehow paralleled the city’s own ascent onto the world stage.

Not yet 40, she is founder and leader of the acclaimed dance ensemble DorkyPark and when not on tour, she presents her work as part of the Schaubühne’s regular repertoire. And although she’s now the proud mother of a one-year-old and claims “a new maturity”, she hasn’t lost an ounce of her provocative energy. Again and again she transforms the stage into a carefully orchestrated cacophony of wild talent, sweeping audiences off their feet for standing-ovation finales. In January, she debuted a new show called Megalopolis. Sigue leyendo

Desde Berlín/English/Entrevistas

Interview: Valerie Trebeljahr of Lali Puna

In 1998, when Korean-born Valerie Trebeljahr finally made the much-pondered decision to let her boyfriend Markus Acher – of the Weilheim-Munich scene defining bands The Notwist and Tied & Tickled Trio – take part in her new music project, Lali Puna was born.

After a six-year gap, which included Trebeljahr’s pregnancy and numerous side projects, their fourth album Our Inventions (Morr Music) has landed in our laps and laptops. It remains faithful to Lali Puna’s krautrock/soft-rock principles, but will the fans still “Remember”? We’ll find out at Lido on May 14, where she and Acher share the bill with Mexican Elvis. Sigue leyendo